Aqua Star! Portland's Iconic Floating Home Makes a Splash

Posted by Jose Luis Herrera

By Kristine Hansen | Aug 4, 2020.

This isn’t the only floating home in the Pacific Northwest—but it is the only one with outer-space vibes.

On the market for $850,000, this futuristic-looking home on the water is described in the listing details as “Portland’s most iconic and famous floating home.”

This 3,000-square-foot, three-bedroom home floats off the shores of southeast Portland, OR, with its own boat slip, as part of the Oregon Yacht Club marina within the Willamette River. The purchase also includes yacht-club shares valued at $550,000.

If this one-of-a-kind home looks familiar, you may have spotted it on an episode of HGTV’s “Extreme Homes” or on “Portlandia.” Locals know the river residence as “Aqua Star.”

The home was built in the 1980s and wrapped in anodized aluminum, and some of its interior ceilings are crafted from polished stainless steel, for a glitzy effect that hasn’t dimmed a bit over the decades.

Domed roofs give the home its signature space-age vibe, and its bulbous appearance calls to mind the Flintstone House in Hillsborough, CA, on the San Francisco Peninsula.

The location is also key. It sits at the end of the line of other floating homes, which means that it packs a potent combo of killer unobstructed views and also plenty of privacy. To enjoy the surroundings, a wraparound deck features enough space to grill, lounge, and garden, as well as to entertain visitors.

Interior features of the home include a fireplace in the living room (artfully suspended from the ceiling), walls of windows throughout, and an open floor plan.

As you might guess based on exterior photos, the walls are anything but right angles. We’ll say the qi in this space is solid, if you’re into feng shui. Even the home’s stairwell boasts a slight curve.

With pent-up vacation vibes on the rise in the pandemic-stricken country, this home is the perfect solution for a buyer who wants to get away—while still living at home.

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