Wire fraud is an epidemic in nearly every U.S. industry.

Posted by Jose Luis Herrera

By: Certifid. Author: Tom Cronkright. CEO and Co-Founder @ CertifID

According to information recently obtained from the FBI, from June 2016 through December 2018, roughly $90 billion in attempted wire fraud was reported through the FBI’s IC3 division.

Because of this, it is crucial that companies are aware of how these scams work, and—most importantly—what you can do to protect your business and your customers from these types of fraud.

While wire fraud affects nearly every business, this article will focus on its impact on the real estate sector. We’ll cover:

01- How Real Estate Wire Fraud Happens. here!
02- Parties Affected By Real Estate Wire Fraud. here!
03- Why Real Estate Wire Fraud Happens. here!
04- Fraud Strategies To Look Out For. here!
05- How To Prevent Wire Fraud. here!
06- How to Recover From Wire Fraud. here!

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